Japanese to English Audio & Navigation Unit

The dash of A Nissan Leaf After It Has Been Converted To English

While a comprehensive Japanese to English instrument cluster conversion can be performed via the OBD2 diagnostics port for both the Nissan Leaf and eNV200, the same cannot be said for the audio/navigation system (also referred to as a head unit).  The conversion process for these is significantly more complicated.

On the lower specification Japanese models like the Leaf S or the e-NV200 VX & GX the easy solution is to replace the original audio/navigation unit with any aftermarket unit that has the desired features and appearance.   More information on this can be found below.

English Head Unit Upgrade on S Model Leaf or VX/GX Model e-NV200

On the higher specification Japanese models like the Leaf X & G or the e-NV200 G, the original audio/navigation unit should only be replaced with a unit specifically designed for that year/model car or else  significant functionality will be lost.  For further information on converting or replacing the head unit on these models, please check out the following information.

English Carwings Audio / Navigation Unit for X / G Model Leaf 2011-2015 or G Model e-NV200

English Nissan Connect Audio / Navigation Unit for X / G Model Leaf 2016-2017