VCM Remapping & Recoding

The Vehicle Control Module (VCM) in a Nissan Leaf monitors and controls most aspects of the electric drive-train.  The battery controller, inverter, charger, etc, all report to their boss – the VCM.  Therefore VCM reprogramming opens up the following possibilities:

  • Replacing complete battery packs without needing to open the pack to fit the original Lithium Battery Controller (LBC)
  • More aggressive regenerative braking in B or Eco modes – reducing or even eliminating the need to use the conventional friction brakes under normal driving conditions.
  • Simplify EV conversions using Leaf parts, by reducing the number of unwanted controllers/parts that must be retained as part of the transplant
  • Higher performance

We have made considerable progress with the VCM found in the ZE0 Nissan Leaf. Using tools that we have developed in house, we are now able to reprogram these ECUs via the OBD2 port.  However we are not yet at a point where we are ready to offer our VCM reprogramming services to the public.

We are also now working on the VCM in the AZE0 Nissan Leaf.