EVs Enhanced Service Centre

The EVs Enhanced Service Centre on Mowbray Street is your go to place for servicing, repairing or upgrading your EV.  Our services range from English conversions to Battery Upgrades to full repair services. Our expert team are passionate about EVs. In need of help? Simply give us a call or contact us using the form below.

Nissan Leaf & e-NV200 Service Check

At EVs Enhanced, we have you covered with a full, comprehensive service check for your Nissan Leaf or e-NV200. Get your Nissan EV serviced by the experts. Our team offer one of the most detailed services available for your piece of mind.  We check all aspects of your Nissan EV and provide comprehensive feedback on your vehicle. Any work required is discussed with you up front keeping you informed at all times. Need a loan vehicle? No problem! We have courtesy Leafs available to keep you mobile while we take care of your EV.

Some common services required or recommended during your service check include:

Replacing Wiper Blades – Genuine 10mm refills – $40.00

Replacing 12V – $145.00

Replacing Brake Fluid – $85.00

Replacing Gearbox Oil – $80.00

Audio English Conversion – $345.00 (ZE0/AZE0), $569.00 (ZE1)

Firmware Updates – $200.00 each

Replacing Boots and/or Clicking CV joints – Price based on model

Need a WoF?

No Problem! For an additional $50.00, a WoF can completed at the same time as your service.  All of our WoFs are completed by Hawkes Automotive on Shakespeare Road. Hawkes Automotive are local, independent warrant centre insuring you receive an unbiased WoF for your EV. If your Leaf or e-NV200 is needing a warrant, let us know when making your booking and we will take care of the rest.

  • What we check:
  • Road test and note any obvious issues
  • HV battery usage and condition report
  • Check for diagnostic fault codes and pending firmware updates
  • Foot Brake operation, free play and calibration
  • Clock setting if required
  • Check condition of batteries in key fob
  • Check cabin air filter
  • Check A/C operation and performance
  • Check heater operation and performance
  • Check shift cable orientation and bush (e-NV200 only)
  • Quick inspection of operation and condition of lights, horn and headlamp leveling system (not required if a WOF is completed at same time)
  • Clean drain on charge port, inspect contacts and rubber seal, lube hinges of door
  • Check coolant condition, level and leak test cooling system
  • Check condition and fluid level on 12V Battery
  • Check brake lines for signs of cracking or leaks
  • Check brake fluid level and condition (moisture content)
  • Check & top up washer fluid
  • Check condition of wiper blades
  • Check suspension for leaks and strut tops for rust
  • Inspect reduction gearbox oil
  • Check condition and movement of grounding brush
  • Check drive axles for clicking and boot condition
  • Check parking brake operation and adjustment
  • Check brake pads and discs for wear
  • Check tyres condition & pressure. Rotate positions as required. Check wheel bearings.
  • Check and lube door hinges and latches

Our Service Centre is open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. To get in touch, fill out the form or give us a call on (03) 2818572