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A Quick Guide To Help Tell Nissan Leaf Models Apart Using The Parking Brake

The easiest way to tell the Nissan Leaf models apart is by the look of their handbrake. Simply compare the handbrake from your Leaf to the ones pictured above to find your model.

Nissan e-NV200

Renault Zoe

Hyundai Ioniq

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We are here to develop and offer upgrades that enable existing electric vehicles(EV) to remain useable, relevant and desirable as they age. By applying current technology, it is very feasible to make these vehicles significantly better, faster and with longer-range than when they were sold new.

The intention is to extend the useable lifetime of these vehicles as much as possible, firstly for the early adopters that originally purchased these vehicles and then for the following owners as they are ready to embrace this superior technology.

Here at EVs Enhanced, we love electric vehicles and consider any steps towards promoting their adoption to be a worthy cause.

Electric Vehicles Being Tested On the Dyno

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Nissan Leaf Charger Fix

In the previous cases of this fault that we are aware of, the solution was always to replace the entire on-board charger.  However, when we were asked to diagnose and repair a 2011 Nissan Leaf that had a charging fault we decided to take a look at what was actually failing in these chargers.  As it turned out, it was able to be fixed for less than a dollar worth of parts.   The charger still needed to be completely removed from the vehicle for the repair, but that would needed to be done for a charger replacement anyway. We hope that this video helps other people from around the world with the same problem. PLEASE NOTE: The high voltage system on electric vehicles needs to be treated with extreme caution - we recommend this repair is only undertaken by people with the knowledge and experience to work on these vehicles safely.