Leaf Battery Capacity Test Loop

In order to accurately capacity test the high-voltage lithium-ion battery in a Nissan Leaf without removing or disconnecting the battery pack from the vehicle, we developed a test loop that can be inserted in place of the battery’s original service disconnect switch. Our capacity test method using this tool can be found below.

Nissan Leaf battery capacity test methodology – COMING SOON

With the test loop installed, the battery current flows through the wire loop which allows the use of various current clamps with either a display or output to a data logger.

Two types are required to suit the full Nissan Leaf range.

Type A – suits the original battery on model ZE0 Leaf.

Type B – suits the battery on model AZE0 and newer or ZE0 with a battery replacement.  

The test loop features extensive safety features to minimise the risk associated with its use to a similar level as the original disconnect switch. We recommend that the fitting or removal of either device should only be performed by personnel with appropriate knowledge and/or training to do so.

take a peek under the hood

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the final product

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