OBD2 to Leaf Battery Adapter

Our OBD2 to Leaf battery adaptor, is designed to allow communication with the lithium-ion battery controller (LBC) in a Leaf battery pack when the complete battery pack has been removed from a vehicle.  The most common use for this is checking parameters like last recorded state-of-health on a used battery pack prior to purchase. It can also be used to re-code or firmware update the LBC without any need to open the battery pack.  We have two plug-in battery connector options.  The 22-pin adaptor suits Type A battery originally fitted to model year 2011 or 2012 Leafs. The 36-pin adaptor suits Type B battery packs from 2013 or later.

OBD2 to LEAF Battery Adapter - Early Version (Discontinued)

The original OBD2 to Leaf Adapter was developed in 2018 meeting the demand for info about batteries no longer fitted to a vehicle. Built to our high standards, many of these units are still in service in workshops around the would. In the time since, the design has continued to evolve making the product even more portable and simple to use.