about us

Our Mission

We are here to develop and offer upgrades that enable existing electric vehicles to remain useable, relevant and desirable as they age. By applying current technology, it is very feasible to make these vehicles significantly better, faster and with longer-range than when they were sold new.

Our focus will be on vehicles that were sold in large quantities but where the vehicle’s manufacturer has shown little interest with offering an acceptable upgrade path to owners. So, our first upgrades are focused on the the original Nissan Leaf.

The intention is to extend the useable lifetime of these vehicles as much as possible, firstly for the early adopters that originally purchased these vehicles and then for the following owners as they are ready to embrace this superior technology.

We love electric vehicles and consider any steps towards promoting their adoption to be a worthy cause.

Electric Vehicles Being Tested On the Dyno

our partners

We select our partners based on their reputation as well as effort, enthusiasm and experience with regards to electric vehicles.  We consider our partners to be New Zealand’s leaders in terms of EV sales and service and we are grateful for their on-going support.  We recommend that customers interested in our services contact our local partner for assistance.