16 BLADE - The Ultimate Nissan LEAF Battery

We are pleased to introduce 16 Blade, a complete replacement platform for the Nissan LEAF. Built from the ground up by EVs Enhanced, 16 Blade has been designed using the optimal module layout with the confines of the original Nissan battery pack enclosure. 16 Blade uses a highly advanced active thermal management system and is compatible with a wide range of current cell chemistries.

What Makes 16 BLADE Different?

* specifications maybe subject to change


Production of the green (LFP) variant of 16 Blade is planned for late 2022 with production of other variants to follow this.  Early production units will only be available in our home market of New Zealand. Availability for international customers will depend on market demands and regulations. EVs Enhanced has an extensive network of trusted partners around the globe and we will be working with them to bring 16 Blade to as many markets as possible. Dates will be announced as they become available.

16 Blade will be made available for all 24kWh, 30kWh, and 40kWh Leaf models from 2011 through to the latest 40kWh 2022 models. We are currently not intending to offer battery upgrades for Leafs originally fitted with a 62kWh battery due to physical mounting differences. The first model to receive 16 Blade support will the 2013 onward 24kWh and 30kWh Leafs shortly followed by the 40kWh Leaf.  Support for the original 2011-2012 model Leaf is planned to follow.

16 Blade is highly optimised and developed specially for the unique requirements of the Nissan Leaf so will not fit the e-NV200. In saying that, we have not forgotten all of the e-NV200 owners out there and we have an upgrade solution in the pipeline.

16 Blade has three planned variants name RED, BLUE, and GREEN. These represent different cells with different chemistries and characteristics but within the same sixteen module form factor. Our initial focus is on the GREEN variant using long lifespan LFP chemistry and a capacity of approximately 40kWh. The BLUE variant focuses on maximum range with over 70kWh. The RED variant is for high performance applications and will be produced in  low quantities.

16 Blade green has a target single charge range of 270km WLTP

16 Blade uses the original battery enclosure from Nissan allowing it to bolt straight it. There is some minor installation required in the motor bay to accommodate the thermal management system.

For installation in New Zealand, we are going to great lengths to ensure that 16 Blade is compliant with our local regulations. Early production units will need to go through low volume certification, but we are working to eliminate this additional cost going forward. We recommend that your vehicle is re-valued after the upgrade and ensure that you have a a higher agreed value with your insurance company. There are of other considerations for various international markets, but this information will be released through our local partners in that country as we begin supply and/or manufacturing in that market.

Absolutely, 16 blade green is covered by a 160000km or 3 year standard manufacturer’s warranty with the option to extend this out to 8 years underwritten by an international insurer.

Thanks to it’s highly effective active thermal management system, 16 blade can achieve consistent DC fast charge rates even when performing multiple fast charges in a single day such as on a long road trip.  The GREEN, BLUE and RED variants all have different maximum charge rates, but the GREEN variant will be limited to a fast charge current of 125A like the stock battery is.  However, because this peak current can be held up to 80% SoC, the charging time is reduced compared to a stock 40kWh Leaf battery which tapers quickly above 50% SoC.

We are targeting a sale price of approximately a third of the cost of an equivalent new Leaf for the GREEN variant.  To avoid setting unrealistic expectations in the current inflationary environment, we have chosen to wait until closer to production before announcing an exact price. The 1/3 target price is BEFORE the trade in of your original battery pack is factored in which will reduce your final cost. Because we re-use the original battery enclosure when creating a new 16 Blade pack, there will be no option to buy 16 Blade without trading in a pack in exchange.  However, there will be options to keep your original modules/cells repackaged into a more convenient form factor for stationary storage applications.

This functionality is already present in the CHAdeMO system found in the Leaf. Historically, this function as been seen to cause excessive wear on the original Nissan battery. However, 16 Blade Green with it’s long-lifespan LFP chemistry means that V2G applications will be a very practical option for Leafs fitted with this battery solution.

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