Brake Control Module Firmware Update

The Nissan Leaf features an ‘electrically-driven intelligent brake control module’. Simply put, this is an electrically-assisted brake master cylinder rather than a vacuum-assisted brake master cylinder as found on a traditional car with an internal combustion engine.

The Leaf’s brake ‘booster’ features it’s own integral control unit which interacts with other control units in the vehicle. It has the ability to command light braking requirements to be performed through regenerative braking using the traction motor only or by a combination of this and the hydraulic brakes.

Nissan has released many firmware updates for the electrically-driven intelligent brake control module in different models of the Nissan Leaf. Some of these updates relate to improved performance and others to safety.

Model specific information can be found within the links below:

MY2011-2012 ZE0 Nissan Leaf

MY2013 AZE0-0xxxxx Nissan Leaf

MY2014-2015 AZE0-1xxxxx Nissan Leaf

MY2016-2017 AZE0-2xxxxx Nissan Leaf


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