HV Battery Swaps and Upgrades

Image Of a Nissan Leaf Battery

The high-voltage battery pack is the heart of any electric vehicle. An electric vehicle’s range and performance are both dictated by what can be delivered by the HV battery.  Battery upgrades are therefore the key to allowing existing electric vehicles to become far better than they ever were even when new.  This is entirely achievable and is already being offered by some automotive manufacturers in some markets around the world (HV battery upgrades on the Renualt Zoe, BMW i3 and several Tesla models spring to mind).  But there are no signs of this being offered by Nissan on the world’s best selling EV, the Nissan Leaf which is disappointing especially considering that the newer packs share the exact form factor required to fit into earlier cars.   Nissan claim that earlier cars aren’t compatible with the newer battery packs, but we believe this is untrue.  If we can prove that this would be trivial for Nissan to offer these upgrades, then we hope more people will become less accepting of Nissan’s current position.

Meanwhile, the situation is even worse than that in our home country of New Zealand. Not only are upgrades not an option, many Leaf owners don’t realise that you can’t even buy a replacement battery of the original capacity through Nissan NZ.  You heard right, they wont even sell or install new battery packs at retail price to owners of Nissan Leafs that were imported from Japan or the United Kingdom.

But necessity is the mother of invention, so EVs Enhanced and some of our partners are working hard to make Nissan Leaf battery replacements available in NZ.  At EVs Enhanced we are committed to performing these swaps in the safest and most efficient way possible. In most cases that means fitting a replacement battery pack into a vehicle without opening either the new or old pack (some exceptions involving battery repair are noted here). Thanks to our battery pairing tool, this is now possible. 

HV Battery Pairing Tool By EVs Enhanced

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