A major difference found on the 2013 or newer (AZE0 & ZE1) model Nissan Leaf high voltage battery packs was the addition of a connector to supply power to the the PTC heater.  This was not found on the original battery packs from the 2011 and 2012 (ZE0). The ZE0 Leaf instead supplied power to the PTC heater from the junction box in the engine bay.  In addition to the communications problems solved by our battery translators, the additional connector creates a problem when fitting a later packs into the original 2011-2012 Leaf as there will be nothing connected to this connector on the replacement battery.  In this case, the connector has a safety detection circuit that will prevent the car being driven.  In addition to this, when left open, the battery pack is no longer water tight creating another risk of safety or damage.

Custom made from high quality anodised aluminium and engineering grade plastics, this Delete Cap securely fits over the PTC Power Outlet, completing the required detection circuit while sealing and protecting the connector to allow safe operation.

Nissan Leaf PTC Power Outlet Delete Cap

$150.00 exc. GST