Carwings Audio / Navigation Unit – ZE0 X / G Model Leaf

On the higher specification Japanese models like the Leaf X & G or the e-NV200 G, the original audio/navigation unit cannot be easily replaced without loosing some significant functionality. This includes control of the clock, indication of climate control settings and electric vehicle usage data and settings (such as charge timers and climate timers).   Removal of the original audio/navigation unit also confuses the instrument cluster into incorrectly displaying some settings that don’t function correctly.  For these reasons we don’t recommend fitting an aftermarket head unit to these models unless it has specifically designed for this application meaning that it will correctly communicate with the rest of the car over CAN bus.  We aren’t aware of any units that currently do this for the Leaf X/G or e-NV200 G.  Until a suitable aftermarket replacement unit is available, the only options are converting the original audio/navigation unit or replacing it with a suitable unit from a US or European spec Leaf or e-NV200 of the same type era.  Both options are possible, but not without their challenges and limitations.

Converting the original Japanese unit

Clarion manufactured the audio/navigation units for all Leaf X/G and e-NV200 G vehicles. While firmware updates over OBD2 were never an option, Clarion did leave in a provision for firmware updates via an SD card. An aftermarket firmware update solution has recently been made available, so we now have the ability to firmware update one of these units and convert it to English without even removing it from the vehicle. These conversions maintain full compatibility with the CAN bus to retain all original features while updating aspects such local GPS maps and FM band frequencies. We are still evaluating this conversion in our fleet vehicles to ensure they are up to our high quality standards before we offer this as an option to our customers. Aside from this, there are other aftermarket English conversion options that are well proven, but require removal and complete disassembly of the units to reprogram them at a circuit board level. The later option will always be a more time consuming process which makes the firmware update over SD so appealing.

Replacing with US or Euro spec unit

Replacement with a US or European unit is another option, but supply of good units from damaged vehicles is very limited and with high demand finding one can be a problem. It is also important to get the right version for your vehicle because although these all look very similar, there are some important differences to be aware of.


Original from Japanese Market

Equivalent from European Market

Equivalent from US Market

Equivalent from Canadian Market

MY2011-2012 Carwings





MY2013-2015 Carwings without BOSE





MY2013-2015 Carwings with BOSE and around view monitor (has extra Camera button)





While units of the same ‘type’ can generally be swapped with its equivalent from another market, a unit from one type should not be fitted to another – for example a non-BOSE unit fitting to a BOSE car etc.

When seeking an English head unit to fit a Japanese model Nissan Leaf, the European version is our preferred over the US version for several reasons. Unfortunately, a used European version must be re-programmed before it can fitted to a different car.  Typically the cost of purchasing a used European unit + cost of unlocking is more than the cost to convert a Japanese unit. Brand new European Carwings units are typically extraordinarily expensive (thousands of dollars).