Nissan Connect Audio / Navigation Unit – X / G Model Leaf 2016-2017

Nissan Connect Leaf Head Unit

For model year 2016 of the X and G spec Leaf, Nissan moved from the previous ‘Carwings’ generation of audio/navigation units to the newer ‘Nissan Connect’ type with some added functionality and an entirely new user interface.  The original audio/navigation unit cannot be easily replaced on these models without loosing some significant functionality. This includes control of the clock, indication of climate control settings and electric vehicle usage data and settings (such as charge timers and climate timers).   Removal of the original audio/navigation unit also confuses the instrument cluster into incorrectly displaying some settings that don’t function correctly.  For these reasons we don’t recommend fitting an aftermarket head unit to these models unless it has specifically designed for this application meaning that it will correctly communicate with the rest of the car over CAN bus.  We aren’t aware of any units that currently do this for the MY2016+ Leaf X/G.  Until a suitable aftermarket replacement unit is available, the only options are converting the  original audio/navigation unit or replacing it with another Nissan Connect unit from a US or European spec Leaf.   The available versions are:


Original unit for Japanese


Equivalent from UK/European


Equivalent from US Market

Equivalent from Canadian Market

MY2016-2017 X/G – Nissan Connect without BOSE





MY2016-2017 X/G – Nissan Connect with BOSE audio and around view monitoring system (has an extra button on the front of the unit labelled camera)





A BOSE audio/navigation unit should not be fitted to a non-BOSE car and vise versa as it will cause major audio problems.

When seeking an English head unit to fit a Japanese model Nissan Leaf, the European version is our preferred option for several reasons. Unfortunately, a used European version must be re-programmed before it can fitted to a different car.  A new European Nissan Connect unit can be used in a Japanese MY2016-2017 X/G car, however these are typically very expensive. We had managed to secure a small supply of new European units of both the BOSE and non-BOSE type, however these have now sold out completely and we are currently investigating other options.