Nissan Instrument Cluster Tool

EVs Enhanced pioneered the Japanese to English instrument cluster conversion for the Nissan Leaf, but before the release of this tool we needed to visit each car to convert it.  This clearly wasn’t the ideal solution for our customers, so we developed this product to maximise the convenience for everyone involved.  All the cost and complexity of our original conversion hardware/software has been eliminated and replaced with this compact and easy to use tool which simply plugs into the OBDII port on a Nissan Leaf to perform the conversion.    While this may resemble other OBDII tools used for diagnostics (for example with LeafSpy),  it is not a general purpose diagnostics tool and it can only perform the one task that it is designed for.   It is a stand-alone device and does not need to be paired to a laptop or smartphone.

This product supports all Nissan Leaf models designed for the Japanese Domestic Market for model years 2011-2017 (all ZE0 & AZE0 models) as well as the e-NV200 (all known ME0 models). Currently the MY 2018 Nissan Leaf (ZE1) is not supported.

The functionality and available menus will depend on the model of the car.  For further details on specific models, please check out the following information.

Model Years 2011-2012 X/G-Spec (ZE0)

Model Years 2013-2015 S-Spec (AZE0-0xxxxx to AZE0-1xxxxx)

Model Years 2013-2015 X/G-Spec (AZE0-0xxxxx to AZE0-1xxxxx)

Model Years 2016-2017 S-Spec (AZE0-2xxxxx)

Model Years 2016-2017 X/G-Spec (AZE0-2xxxxx)

Model Years 2018 – (ZE1)

e-NV200 Years 2014 – VX / GX Models

e-NV200 Years 2014 – G Models