Please note that all EVs Enhanced Charge Controllers are built to order. Please allow 5-10 working days for us to build, prepare and test your kit before shipping. All charge controller kits are currently on backorder with an expected dispatch date of mid August.  

The EVs Enhanced Charge Controller for the Nissan LEAF is designed to allow vehicle owners to get around two frustrating limitations of these vehicles.

Finishing AC charging session before 100% SOC –  Earlier models had the ability to limit charging to 80% state of charge, but this option was removed from later vehicles. With our charge controller, the end state of charge can be adjusted easily in 5% steps anywhere from 50-100%. Furthermore, the setting can be adjusted in seconds from the driver’s seat without any diagnostics tools or apps. This allows the charge limit to be left on a lower setting for daily commuting when additional range is not required, but quickly changed to 100% when maximum range is required for a longer trip. This product is permanently installed in the vehicle and is independent of the type of EVSE being used.  As the AC charge port on a LEAF does NOT transmit state of charge to the EVSE, this product can achieves results that are not possible when using many high end ‘smart’ EVSEs.

Limit overheating when fast charging – Particularly on the 30kWh and 40kWh LEAF battery packs, DC fast charging multiple times in a day causes the battery to overheat. Doing this once in a while is generally tolerated, but doing this often can quickly lead to severe and costly failures (swollen or ruptured battery modules and isolation faults). With this product the peak fast charge power can be adjusted to a lower level. For example, on 30kWh and 40kWh models setting the peak charge power to 35kW tends to only result in a small increase in charging time compared to the normal peak of around 46kW seen at low to mid state-of-charge, but this reduction can have a significantly reduction in the heating of the high voltage battery. Currently the QC charge power limit must be set to the desired value when purchasing this product and is not user adjustable. It will be left at the default value to have no effect unless requested otherwise in the message option during checkout.

This product uses the same hardware as our battery translator kits. For a small fee, it can be re-configured by us or some of our partners for use in a battery upgrade in the future if required.

What’s Included?

Nissan LEAF Charge Controller Kit

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