Wiper refills to suit the original wiper blades found on the Nissan LEAF – all models – Genuine Parts

Most vehicles use one of two standard widths on wiper blade refills, 6.5mm or 8.5mm. The Nissan Leaf uses a wider 10mm format. As a result, most other wiper refills will not fit the original blades found on a Nissan LEAF. One option is to replace the blades with aftermarket ones, but the original system is reliable and works very well, so we recommend sticking with the original system which is also cost effective using these refills.

This product is sold as a pair of front refills – one long and short.

We offer two options to cover the most common two situations:

Without metal strips or blades – When replacing the original refills, the metal support strips can be removed and reused on the replacement refills and these are fitted to the original blades.

With metal strips and blades – This option is only required when the original metal support strips and/or blades have been discarded. This allows conversion back to the original high quality wiper system.


Nissan LEAF Front Wiper Refills – Genuine Parts

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