Genuine Parts – Nissan Leaf Front Brake Pads to suit AZE0-1 & AZE0-2

The braking system in a Nissan Leaf is controlled by an unit called the electrically driven intelligent brake (EDIB). This system uses a combination of both the conventional friction brakes and regenerative braking through the vehicle’s electric motor. The regenerative braking recovers kinetic energy to recharge the HV battery and also allows reduced usage of the friction brakes which helps components like brake pads and discs to last significantly longer than they would in a traditional brake set up. As the driver applies a command for braking through the brake pedal, the EDIB first tries to achieve this target braking force using regenerative braking alone. If further braking force is required then the friction brakes are then applied progressively in addition to the regenerative braking. Due to this constant need to provide a smooth transition between both types of braking, it is essential that the friction brakes retain the original specification that the EDIB is expecting. Therefore when brake pads eventually need to be replaced, we recommending sticking with Genuine Nissan pads which are the only way to be certain of retaining the desired friction coefficient to provide smooth and reliable braking.

Nissan Leaf Front Brake Pads – AZE0-1 & AZE0-2 – Genuine Parts

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