We are starting to see cases on the AZE0-2 (2016-2017 Model Year) LEAF developing an intermittent fault with their Electric Driven Intelligent Brake (EDIB) system which in a small but significant number of cases had lead to the electronic system temporarily becoming completely unresponsive. In this situation there is no braking force whatsoever within the first 3/4 of the brake pedal travel. Of course, this can be highly frightening and dangerous as the driver may not instinctively know in this situation to press the pedal further all the way to the floor.

After years of monitoring and analysis of a large number of cases,  we believe that the issue is typically hardware related and in the EDIB.

Surprisingly, in 2019 Nissan released a brand new replacement EDIB variant for the AZE0-2 LEAF and in the cases we’ve encountered, replacement with one of these units has resolved the issue. Keeping in mind that AZE0-2 EDIBs did not tend to give any issues when the cars were newer, age and wear & tear has clearly played a factor. Whether the latest units are an improved design or just newer has not been clearly established.

We are now stocking these replacement brake units for a fraction of the price of getting one through Nissan NZ. It is a replacement for the following superseded and discontinued original parts for AZE0-2 LEAFs: 46007-4NN0A, 46007-4NN1A, 46007-4NN2A, 46007-4NN0C, 46007-4NN1C, 46007-4NN2C. Note: That this part is only suitable for vehicles originally built for the Japanese market.


Nissan Leaf AZE0-2 Brake Unit (2019 revision)

$2,435.00 exc. GST