Instrument Cluster Japanese to English Conversion on ME0 2014 – G Models

Evs cluster conversion tool

Our Japanese to English Instrument Cluster Conversion for the model year 2014+ Nissan e-NV200 van (ME0) G spec model offers all screens and menus in English as well as the all of the warning messages that can appear for various reasons from time to time.

Currently these conversions involve the instrument cluster being removed from the vehicle and sent to us, although we are working on a tool to allow this to be done anywhere anytime through the car’s OBD2 (diagnostics) port like we currently offer for the Leaf.

Some example pictures showing the instrument cluster display before and after conversion as well as particular details associated with this model can be found below.

On ME0 G-spec models the end state of charge (80% or 100%), charge timer and climate timer setting are not available through the instrument cluster, but are instead set through the audio/navigation unit.

On ME0 G-spec models, the clock time is set and controlled by the Carwings audio/navigation unit. The clock settings available in the instrument cluster only allow the time shown on the upper display to be toggled between 24Hr or 12Hr time.
Power Plug
On models equipped with the AC Out feature (an an on-board inverter powered from the high voltage battery) an alarm can be set to warn against the HV battery being discharged to certain level. While the on-board inverter and its associated power outlets can found on most Japanese models, its output is unfortunately 100V 60Hz AC.
Language Settings
A range of European languages is available after our conversion of the Japanese-spec instrument cluster.
Economy Units
Unlike the Leaf where certain markets received a certain fixed unit for the Energy Economy meter, the e-NV200 allows either kWh/100km or km/kWh to be selected.

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